Edinburgh Playhouse

£19-£25 and £38 -£ 45

4-7 June

7.30 PM (plus 2.30PM show on sat)




Had not been to the theatre since I was a performance art student a few years ago now. The musical ‘let it be” chronicling the Beatles seemed the perfect choice to reintroduce myself to musicals. On arrival there was a huge crowd gathering outside and the atmosphere just waiting to get into the theatre was electric. We quickly found the seats with ease and the theatre staff where very pleasant and helpful.  There was a delay due to technical issues and the show was late starting but when the PA announced at 19:40 the show would commence in two minutes the audience let out a huge cheer and the atmosphere became electric again. The performance started with the song “I saw her standing there” the stage set was a recreation of the Cavern club in Liverpool. With the second song “Please Pease Me” I actually convinced myself that they became alive and from that moment I felt like I am travelling with time travel machine through all the best moments of the their success and of course, music.

As the show moved through each stage of the Beatles career we saw set changes from images of the US tour to flashing visuals of yellow submarine and from the Sergeant Pepper’s phase. The view was strong, colorful & vibrant. The impressive backdrop changes were accompanied by costume changes in line with the different stages of the Beatles career and the attention to detail was very impressive.

At the front of the stage there were two old school television screens and when the actors were performing the hits from a hard day’s night the screens projected imagesof the show in black and white. This again just added to the experience.

My huge applause goes to the company for outstanding & astonishing work of the creative and production team. (5 stars)


Reviewer: Violeta Svaibadaite



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