Ruby Dolls : Fabulous Creatures

Assembly Checkpoint


Aug 4-5, 7-11, 13-18, 20-25




Rigth from the off lovely warmth emanates from the Ruby Dolls, as they mingle with the crowd gently chatting long before the show kicks off. This does with a slam-dunk of the keys from the Doll’s pianist, Ben Cox, the sounding post of the show to come. His finger-work is wonderul & provides a perfect backdrop for the harmoniuos voices of the four young ladies that perform this tingingly exciting show.



We are told the story of Fanny the goat as she journeys through her rather surreal life, with song-after-song mixing a great libretto with a somewhat vaudeville style. There is something positively intoxicating about the show; the interactions between the girls are excellent & the songs have a chirpiness thatI I should be recalling from time to time as I whistle through the park. FOUR STARS



Reviewer : Damo Bullen

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