Janis Joplin: Full Tilt

Assembly Checkpoint

July 31 – 24 Aug





In the main hall of the old Forest Café Building, (It’s good to see the space finally being put to good use) I witness is a slick production based on Janis Joplin’s whirlwind of a life, taking us from her formative years in school in Texas to her untimely death at only 27. The music and acting are both top-drawer and Director and Writer duo of Cora Bisset and Peter Arnott have done well to bring the whimsical and I don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of tragic Janice to life. To the unfamiliar this will just be an enjoyable theatre and music show but to fans (and there clearly were many) it’s a cathartic journey into Janice’s her stage alter-ego Pearls insecurities.



The music is performed extremely well. The star is Angela Darcy who manages to perform an impressive vocal range to emulate that and admirable imitate the ethereal qualities of Joplin’s voice.

No mean feat.

Supporting her are the 4 piece band, enthusiastic and driving the narrative forward. I particularly enjoyed the real recorded monologues of Janice used in the production, well selected and placed. The show makes you really listen to these closely, trying to garner new information from her to answer why? Full Tilt takes us on the roller-coaster of Janice’s life, at the end of the ride we see Janice’s fateful last fix of smack and then the lights go out. Cogent and compelling. FOUR STARS




Reviewer David McMenemy


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