Jersey Boys

Edinburgh Playhouse

12-25 October


(wed, thur, sat matinee @14.30)

£22 – £59

It’s always a pleasure to see a show in the grandeur of the Playhouse, but it’s an extra special pleasure when you get to see so many classics from the 1960’s performed live on stage by a cast of talented singers, dancers and musicians. This excellent musical heralds the true story of four young men from Jersey who, between their spells of incarceration for petty crimes, formed a successful band. Gradually, their lives began to change, & as the story is revealed we see the realities of life and the stresses which occur from being on tour for months at a time, those well-acted tensions between the stars on tour and their families back home.

From the dancer’s amazing coordination, through the pleasant & pleasurable live musicians, to the setting, lighting and use of props, everything was impressive. The first half of the of the show lacked a little character development, & athough there was excellent multi-rolling, it seemed to be just narration, song and a little bit of comedic acting. Being an actor myself, seeing characters and plots develop on stage is a passion & I was delighted to witness a significant change in the second half, watching the characters develop fantastically, with tensions growing between them as their relationships on stage became more & more real.

These were moments of pure emotion, with candid interaction between characters, with the role of narrator shifting from character to character adding  flavour and variety.  For me, the music, the comedy and the learning of the origins of many of my favourite songs made this show an absolute delight. Bythe finale,  most of the audience couldn’t help but clap and sing along, I even found hard to stay in my chair as I had a massive urge to get up to dance.
I would highly recommend this show to anyone who likes music from ‘Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, anyone who enjoys having a good laugh, and especially to anyone who enjoys watching talented performers bring a stage to life. FOUR STARS
Reviewer – Dermot Nelson

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