The Supreme Fabulettes

Edinburgh Festival Theatre

8th November


Glam, Glitter, Colour and Drag that was the unforgettable Supreme Fabulettes.  The Drag Queen”s Viva La Divas.  A well written and executed stage show of love, fun, comedy and music, which took us on a musical journey from Disco to Modern day diva classics.  The atmosphere was brought alive by four Drag Queen Divas and their wee, camp compere Mrs. Simmers who delivered to us the story of the rise and fall of The Supreme Fabulettes .

With great singing, comedy and audience intervention it was not long until we were all up on their feet dancing and clapping along. As we rode the melody-heavy fun, we were kept laughing and guessing for over 2 hours. The humour was slap stick and fast flowing, hard hitting with a twist of campness.  The costumes were fabulous , bright and glittery they offered pleasant viewing for the eyes… It seemed that some people in the audience were a bit bewildered with the combination of Drag Queens singing disco and soul, but then again they should have read what it said on the tin.

On leaving the auditorium, I  felt like I had been reborn !!!!  Kind of……  A laid back approach towards life is what one of the Drag Queens told me when I met them after the show..  If you can”t take life and make fun of it then we are already on the wrong road.  That’s what makes the show work so well, day to day mundane things that can be turned into great comedy !!!!! FIVE STARS.


Reviewer : Spud

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