Blood Brothers

Eden Court
Until 7th Feb
Having grown up with wet wet wet I was looking forward to seeing Marti Pellow in the role of narrator. Right from the start of the show I was not disappointed as his presence on stage was brilliantly done, with him always visble but in the shadows as the story progressed . His powerful voice is well suited to this role and complimented the other stars well.  Maureen Nolan played a strong female lead as the iconic Mrs Johnstone, her singing and the emotion that she brought to the role could not be faulted.  The Johnstone twins were brilliantly cast with Johny doing an amazing job of being a convincing “nearly” 8 year old  then playing all the ages through to adulthood. I found myself doing a double take checking it was the same actor as the part went from fun loving child to a very depressed adult all played very realistically.
 Another strong performance came from Johnys childhood sweetheart Linda we also got to see her go from a young child through adolescent to troubled young mother in love with her husband but dragged down by his life style and depression resulting in her finding comfort in Johnys childhood friend Edward whom the audience know is the twin Mrs Johnstone had given away at birth. I can’t fault the cast or production from start to finish beautifully put together keeping audience glued to their seats gasping and laughing through out. I would say that the constant mentions of Marilyn Monroe does begin to grate at times but apart from that it was a great show and i would definitely give it FIVE STARS.
Reviewer : Lucy Tonkin

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