Sing along a Frozen


  Festival Theatre 

                       6th April
 Frozen is very loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen. It’s a tale of two orphaned princesses. Anna the beautiful loving optimist and older sister Elsa struggling to come to terms with her gift. It’s a story of sisterly love. Protective Elsa, convinced she will hurt Anna with her gift flees her Kingdom but not before accidentally triggering an eternal winter, meanwhile feisty Anna supportive of her sister sets off with socially inept ice seller Kristoff, reindeer Sven and brainless snowman Olaf to bring her back, prove her innocence and restore summer.
                             Frozen has now become the highest grossing animated movie of all time but it’s not really the box office sweep that’s made Frozen the unstoppable force its become but the reaction of its legion of tiny fans. There was a steam of miniature Elsas that flowed though the Theatre in blue dresses and  blonde wigs clutching mini Elsa wands that lit up, sadly little sister Anna wasn’t so popular but there were lots of cute tiny tots in little Olaf suits. This is an interactive experience ballooons to wave at the trolls booing every time Prince Hans was on screen and shouting “carrots” at Sven. A live action Anna and Elsa come on stage to help with the singing and act out some of the pivotal moments, all songs coming with a bouncing snowflake to help us along. Not all the songs were so easilly sung, the chant of the ice men working during the opening credits not such a great start but once we reached Do you want to build a snowman things really got going. There was no such problem with Let it Go…
                                                                                                                               …everyone knew it  backwards and forwards you couldn’t help being swept along as the whole theatre  roared along with Elsa on the frozen  mountain top,lots of kids rushing to the front as it started to snow from the ceiling of the theatre. It all added to the joy of the experience everyone punching the air with cheers and applause at the end, it was just a pure fun moment though I think the real fun was in watching the movie with an army of tiny little Elsas.
Reviewer : Angela

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