Shout! The Mod Musical

Momentum Venues @ St Stephens (Venue 166)

5th – 30th August




Shout! The Mod Musical covered all the bases of an hour well spent. The musical focuses in on five girls finding their way through life in the sixties. We gradually learn more about each character through their letters written to Shoutagony aunt, Gwendolyn Holmes (Katie Tyler). There was humour, fun, serious topics and poignancy all handled with the lightest of touches in a show that sped by and left us with a smile on our faces. The five girls are talented singers and actresses and showed their craft with show stopping renditions of songs including ‘Downtown’, ‘You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me’, ‘To Sir with Love’, ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ and ‘Goldfinger’. The voices soared. The band was tight and supportive; the visual was clean, simple and effective.

If pushed, of special note would be ‘Red’s’ (Sarah Folwell) rendition of ‘To Sir With Love’, ‘Yellow’s’ (Evangeline Pickerill) title track ‘Shout’ and ‘Blue’s’ (Haley Hampson) ‘Don’t Sleep in the Subway’. The comic prowess of ‘Green’ (Miriam O’Brien) was impressive and ‘Orange’s‘ (Emily Chesterton) understated power led to a perfect rendition of ‘You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me’. Tyler added wonderful dry humour, with some archaic stereotype quips that were quite breathtaking! The production was slick, as were the band – Callum Clarke (MD & keys), George Francis (Assistant MD & Keys) and Elliot Chapman (Drums).

The acoustics in this lovely new venue made a tiny impact to the clarity of sound. We would love the sound to be perfect for this well oiled production, which will happen with a big audience… go make that big audience! Sing along, tap your toes, laugh, cry and be genuinely entertained. All members of this production are graduates of LIPA and this show is a terrific advert for LIPA’s courses. These people are skilled and full of heart and soul.  FIVE STARS


Reviewers : Ali Bell & Denise Borland

Denise & Ali are singing, voice and performance teachers/coaches at

The Noble Institute, Edinburgh.

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