Thrones! The Musical

Assembly George Square Studios – Studio One

Aug 8 – 31




“Spoilers, there will be spoilers” the full cast sing out opening the show with a warning for people to leave if this is a problem. As they so melodically sing, nothing will be lost on their part, they have your money already! Plots from various other programmes are also spilt, so be prepared to find out endings you maybe didn’t want to know!

A catchy musical score takes us through the main plot points of Game of Thrones as a group of friends try to explain what the show is about to one who, shock horror, has never watched it. It’s almost like an episode of Friends or the Big Bang Theory as they hang around a living room jibbing at one another trying to recount the obscene amount of character names in the show.

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“You know nothing Jon Snow” becomes a funny song (it had to be done) and the many titles of Daenerys Targaryen are mocked to the extreme – hats off to the all American Baby Wants Candy productions for making good British references for this. King Joffrey sings triumphantly about torture and the white walkers becoming a convincing boy band, think the Backstreet Boys with scream masks.

The singing is good but certainly not the reason you go to see the show. You go for the witty lyrics and over the top gags. Complete with cuddly toys (think Jon Snows dire wolf and Deanerys’ dragons), balloon breasts and bad wigs, the musical is a complete hoot! Hilarious at points.

I heard one person joke that they thought it was better than the real thing! For ridiculousness and sex jokes definitely. They certainly haven’t lost the filth, swearing and debauchery all of which are overdone for the comedy factor. And it works, even if you do cringe at times. Of course the musical isn’t intended to be serious but quite the opposite – an absolute farce complete with pop music and cheesy dance routines.

Three cautions here:

  1. If it wasn’t obvious already, if you have never seen Game of Thrones it will mean absolutely nothing to you. You really need to have seen it.
  2. If you have seen Game of Thrones but you are only part way through (like me, ahem), don’t go unless you are happy to have plots revealed – you have been warned. I was stupid.
  3. The bio says the show is appropriate for 14+. Perhaps I was viewing a different thing but I would not take a 14 year old. I would say 16+ but essentially don’t take your child if you would be uncomfortable letting them hear the C bomb and listening to many sex gags.

In the casts words, “do you like Lord of the Rings? Do you like porn? then you will like Game of Thrones”. Well I say “do you like Game of Thrones? and do you like a laugh?” then if the cautions aren’t a problem, go and see this!


Reviewer : Louise Mason

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