The Bodygaurd

The Bodyguard
Playhouse Theatre
29th Sep – 10th Oct
It helps to be both a romantic and a fan of Whitney Houston; but this show pulls out all the stops to make itself a thrilling extravaganza for all. It stays true to the movie enough to please the die-hard movie buffs, but updated enough to be thoroughly modern and realistic. Alexandra Burke in the main role as Rachel Marron doesn’t disappoint. Her stage persona is certainly grand enough to warrant her casting, with a nod to Queen Beyonce herself in the outfits and the dance routines. A British dance troupe never comes across quite as slickly as an American one, but they were certainly impressive from the start, and continued to work well in support. Not only is Alexandra’s voice powerful and soulful enough to touch the hearts of all in the packed theatre, but her acting is strong enough to be able to carry the audience along with her during the quieter moments of introspection and heartbreak in the story.
From the stunning opener of Queen of the Night, we were given the cream of Whitney’s greatest hits, and Alexandra continued to make them her own by dropping down some of the over-produced songs to a refreshing level of subtlety. Melissa James, who plays her sister Nicki, has a softer, clearer voice well suited to theatre, and it worked beautifully as a complement to Alexandra’s more forceful voice.
The costumes and the set were truly fantastic, and the whole show was well paced; creating predictable but satisfying waves of suspense, fear and relief. Alexandra’s Rachel, as she dropped the diva mask, was tender and likeable; we were rooting for the wooden stalwart of Frank the bodyguard, played faithfully by Stuart Reid. The stalker was perfectly creepy; his menace well highlighted by lighting/music and set. There was a little comedy thrown in here and there to lighten up the atmosphere.
There were plenty of both dazzling moments to make it a truly memorable experience, and the mind boggles at the work put in by everyone to create such a great show. My daughter was regularly tearing up; and we got up and clapped and danced along when the rest of the audience got up on their feet for the crescendo of the show. I could see it over and over; and rate it a highly deserved five stars!
Reviewer: Lisa Williams 

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