Dick McWhittington

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow

December 5th – 11th 2015

12:30 & 19:00



Dick McWhittington (Jacob Vigeland) in traditional yet bright garb – boots, hair tied back and knapsack for his travels to London. His costumes are very colourful except his white suit for the finale. Melody (Catherine Barr) is dressy throughout with white top and dress with slim frills and in a beautiful transparent gown.

Queen Rat (Chloe-Ann Tylor) the evil baddy rat in her non-matching tights, long large tail and very high heels cuts a dashing villain.

Senga (Robert Ginty) the panto Dame, in her tartan hat and frilly top with orange wig is silly enough looking to have the kids in the audience eating out the palm of her hands…(quite literally in this case as she showered them with sweeties from the stage). The Dame changed clothes in a manner that is fabulous and bountiful in each outfit donning the tights ceremonious to Panto. The persona adding a comical absurdity which is eye candy like her shop, and her sweets!

Kitty Kat ran on stage in a wonderful cat suit. Her one piece costume has soft fur-like attachments down her front from her shoulders turning into the matching design of cat likeness of the brown stripy body suit. The cat outshines the rest of the cast followed by Senga and Queen Rat.

The aesthetics of the set are loud and lively, the opening scene is set in the lush and extravagant surroundings of Glasgow’s City Chambers. I will not spoil the plot by telling you why but suffice to say his destiny (that is foretold in front of this grand building by a fairy) comes true in the end. But not before he has rid Glasgow of an invasion of rats. Dick McWittington is heading to London but gets waylaid by fate. The Dame, aptly named Senga, is the mother of Sandy who is in love with Dick’s soon to be girlfriend, Melody. The quaint setting of Senga’s sweetie shop is the perfect excuse for mother and son to dispense Christmas cheer in the shape of the aforementioned candies. The audience participation was huge as all the kids enthusiastically filled their hands with all the sweeties being flung from the stage. Full of Glaswegian humour throughout, you will love Kitty Cat, the goody who loves mars bars and hate Queen Rat who has us booing and hissing off our seats!

The singing is typical panto at its best, all songs with humorous Glasgow banter. All the actors are excellent and play the crowd well throughout. This epic panto is great value and keeps The Royal Conservatoire’s reputation as Panto champion not only intact but as gleaming as Aladdin’s magic lamp. Book early for next year’s offerings as these tickets are hot…oh no they’re not…oh yes they are!

Stagecraft: 3 Libretto : four-stars Performance four-stars

Reviewer: Daniel Donnelly


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