A Belter Of A Cinderella Story

Websters Theatre


3rd December- 3rd January


Yes, the panto season is upon us again (oh no it’s not!) and this show from Insideout Productions at Websters Theatre in Kelvinbridge, for all that there are only 5 performers (and two puppets) on stage, ticks all the Glasgow Panto boxes.

Set in Uptown Partick Pantoland poor Cinderella (Joanne McGuinness) is slaving away in Cameron House for The Ugly Stepsisters Whitney (Alison Rona Cleland) and Britney (a puppet voiced by Gerard Miller). She can only dream of going to P Charming’s (River City’s Gerard Miller’s) big disco night. Luckily for her Fairy G Mother in the shape of wisecracking Jamie McKillop is there to save the day along with exuberant DJ Buttons (Dario Cacioppo). P Charming’s manservant Dandini is played by the other puppet, voiced by Alison Rona Cleland.

The show sticks pretty closely to the traditional Cinderella Story and features some really well-realised song and dance routines along with a script which keeps everything moving along briskly for the two hour duration. The five performers,who looked to be enjoying themselves immensely, put everything into the performance and the singing, dancing and acting were of the highest quality. It’s not really fair to single out any performer as it was a true ensemble piece but Joanne McGuinness, in particular, hit some very difficult notes absolutely spot on. Jamie McKillop’s Fairy G kept the fun going with some Glasgow banter and the kids in the audience loved Buttons and booed and hissed Whitney and Britney in time-honoured tradition, we even had a “LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU” moment.

Given the nature of the Websters Theatre stage the set was, of necessity, pretty basic but the performance, along with excellent sound and lighting soon made that irrelevant. The kids in the audience had a great time and the script had enough in it to keep the grown-ups chuckling too. Much recommended as a quality and more intimate alternative to the big-stage pantos in town.

Stagecraft: 3 Libretto : 5Performance 5

Reviewer : Dave Ivens


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