The Day I Found The Blues

A Play A Pie And A Pint

 Mini Musicals Season

 Oran Mor, Glasgow

6th-11th June (13.00)



Stagecraft: four-stars  Book: 5 Performance 5

It’s fitting that A Play A Pie And A Pint’s 400th production is a great musical written by and featuring Dave Anderson, who has been a stalwart of the Scottish drama and music scene for many years. This piece was a reminiscencae of his 15 year old self on holiday “Doon The Watter” with his mum and dad in Girvan  and how the juke box in the Cafe Greco changed his life forever.

The year is 1960 and he’s discovering the joys of early Elvis, rock and roll and a holiday romance with a local girl. Plenty of opportunities for some great songs and plenty of dancing from a versatile cast featuring Dave Anderson as himself on piano, vocals and dry wit(no dancing), Davey Anderson as Dad (also vocals and guitar), Christina Strachan as Mum, the excellent Gregor MacKay as 15 year old Junior and Marianne Pedley as the Girl. Fraser Spiers aided and abetted on guitar and some very nicely played bluesy harmonica.


Mum and Dad have to make do with the “entertainment” on offer at the local miners welfare which supplied two of the most telling numbers, a “Wan Singer Wan Song” from the vile bigot “Tam McDade” (Davey Anderson) resplendent in his tartan jacket and a brilliant take off of the worst kind of “Scottish” music, a showstopping performance from Christina Strachan belting out Stick A Bit Of Heather Up Your Kilt.

Junior is left heartbroken when he discovers Elvis’ latest effort is the ghastly reworked O Sole Mio- It’s Now Or Never, but number 47 on the Juke box comes to his rescue. It’s the ORIGINAL Hound Dog by Big Mama Thornton, a life changing moment and the day he becomes an adult in a now fast-changing world. Some great original and sixties numbers, nimble dancing, and excellent sound and lighting all added up to a fine hour’s entertainment. Dave Anderson and Director Stasi Schaeffer are to be congratulated on this production.

Reviewer : Dave Ivens


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