Vinyl Idol

A Play A Pie And A Pint Mini Musicals Season

 Oran Mor, Glasgow

 27th June- 2nd July


vinylidol1  (1).jpg

The final mini musical in Oran Mor’s A Play A Pie And A Pint slot is Vinyl Idol, a black-ish comedy co- written by Debbie Hannan and Andy McGregor (also Director, co-lyricist with Hannan and writer of the original music).

Clara (Kara Swinney) is stuck in a timewarp of the Fifties and early sixties, dressing like a bobby-soxer and working in The Good Old Days, a retro shop just off Glasgow’s trendy Byres Road. Her bedroom walls are a gallery of record sleeves from the past, mainly dominated by Elvis, Cliff Richard and Frank Sinatra. There’s only one problem, there’s a space where the hard to get Love Is Forever by Cliff should be and she just can’t find a copy anywhere.

Bernard (Paul James Corrigan), her boss in The Good Old Days, has a bit of a fancy for her and disguised as a “mysterious stranger” drops off a copy of Love Is Forever at the shop. When she gets home and falls asleep playing the LP all manner of all manner of strange happenings burst forth.

vinylidol2.jpgCue some great comedy turns from Corrigan as Frank Sinatra and two hilarious takes on Cliff and Elvis from an energetic Darren Brownlie. Clara soon discovers that your idols, in real life, can have feet of clay and soon loses her yearning for a make-believe past.

The cast had a ball with a very funny script and the musical numbers came across well with some strong vocal performances, ably assisted by musical director Gavin Whitworth on keyboards. If there was any criticism the “zombie idols” section towards the end was a tad confused and didn’t quite come off.

Well worth a visit and an entertaining piece of hokum that took everyone’s mind off the current political turmoil for 50 minutes at least.

Reviewer : Dave Ivens


Stagecraft: 3  Book: 4.png Performance: 5

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