Edinburgh Playhouse

July 21-23


Stagecraft: 4.png  Book: 5  Performance: 4.png

Has it been a year already since Stage Experience – the inhouse Playhouse Creative Learning program for Scotland’s young uns – brought us their unique rendition of Into the Woods. This time round, they were tackling Lionel Bart’s ridiculously brilliant version of the Dickensian classic, Oliver, & boy did they do a grand job. From a sparkingly atmospheric set, which oozed true Victoriana, to the quality renditions of oscar-winning numbers such as Food Glorious Food,  Consider Yourself & Pick a Pocket or Two, Stage Experience should be very proud of themselves.


 The composite whole had been ushered into existence by director Peter Corry, who told the Mumble; ‘Oliver! is without doubt one of the most iconic musicals & a great show for a youth cats to perform. Stage Experience plays a very important role in Scotland encouraging active engagement between young people & the arts. It also gives those involved the chance to perform in one of the most prestigious theatres in the UK.’ Of these, the cherubic lead, Taylor Torkington, a member of the choir of Edinburgh’s St Mary’s Cathedral, had an angelic voice & a true innocence that blossomed into its natural part. Molly Jamieson played a wicked wee female Artful Dodger, while all the ‘adults’ were naturally excellent, from Connor Dickson’s ubercamp Mr Bumble, to Aaron Kavanagh’s sound & sexy Fagin. An excellent job all-round!

Reviewer : Damo Bullen


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