Medea Dream

Silk Venues

Aug 11-16, 18-23, 25-27



Stagecraft: 3  Book: 4.png  Performance: 5

images.jpgDavid Lee Morgan is on it this year. In one corner of the city he is exploring the realms of love, while in the Silk nightclub he is bringing his take on Euripedes’ visceral Medea. Morgan is something of a modern-day polymath, & has the creative nous to handle the difficult medium that is Musical theatre. Back in the middle of June, Morgan advertised for a handful of actresses throughout to bring his creation to life. So they came forward like vernal Corybantes, young ladies from Portugal, Australia & Scotland, & began to rehearse & most of all to gel. Now in Edinburgh, a place all but one of this cute & confident cast has never been before, they are delivering Morgan’s piece with a growing proficiency born out of their sheer love of performing


The story of Jason & his wife Medea is played out against a backdrop of remarkably jazzy & uptempo, catchy-as-hell tunes. Morgan is a sax player of some standing, & his love of music has transferred into his compositions… ‘Its a Bourgeoise Dream‘ & its catchy chorus is a punchy start, when we first witness the lovely voices of the girls, while the one about having big strong balls to live in a city with wonderful walls was excellent. I also heard echoes of other musicals here & there — the song about ‘Good Greek Blood’ reminded me of the Sannhedrim song in Jesus Christ Superstar, while the song which included the lines  ‘grapes figs olives / fine tasty fruits / fresh form the garden & dirt cheap to boot.‘ had echoes of ‘Who Will Buy’ from Oliver. The best song, however, was a lilting ballad sung by Medea herself which had the highly lyrical line, ‘The fabric is woven with a single thread,‘ & a back-stage chanting chorus sounding something, I guess, akin to the chorus at the original performance in 431 BC.

Medea Dream is well worth a watch – a collection of  perfectly-crafted songs performed by a quality cast. It is part of the Free Fringe so is accessible to all, especially those who have always wanted to see a musical but never quite found the confidence to do it. For those who love their musicals, however, Medea Dream flows like a, well, dream.

Reviewer : Damian Beeson Bullen


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