An Interview With Kerry Ellis


THE MUMBLE : Hi Kerry, so you’re just about to take Wonderland on tour around Britain, how are rehearsals going and are you looking forward to opening night?

KERRY : Its always a little crazy with a new show because we are all discovering the show for the first time. The music is really incredible and sounds magical, I think people will go home singing a tune !

THE MUMBLE : How are you finding producer Neil Eckersley’s take on this classic

KERRY : Its the first time I have worked with Neil and Im so grateful to have been cast to create the role of Alice in a brand new show.

THE MUMBLE :  Which are your favorite musical numbers from the show?

KERRY : There are so many!! Though I do have a moment with Dave Willetts who sings a very inspirational song which is very special… we worked together on a show many years ago when I was 19 so its nice to share a moment on stage.

THE MUMBLE :  What are the audience members to expect from this particular adaption.

KERRY : They will be bopping along for sure and hopefully leave with a smile, its a great family fun show.


THE MUMBLE :  You will be touring two thirds of year – are you ready for this & will
you be getting any time off?

KERRY :  I am only doing part of the tour as I have other commitments, I have a new album that’s coming out in March with Brian May, but I am looking forward to touring this show and taking it to lots of great venues, the cast are all fantastic and have so much energy and talent its a joy.

THE MUMBLE :  & finally, do you have any Edinburgh related activities on teh agenda
while you are in town

KERRY : I have been to Edinburgh many times and love it very much, I love walking around the city and just looking at the sights,, I might take a trip up the castle and hope to see a few fireworks on Burns Night.

You can catch Wonderland at the Edinburgh Playhouse, 20th-28th January

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