A Play, A Pie and A Pint
Oran Mor, Glasgow
5th-10th May


Stagecraft: five-stars     Book: five-stars     Performance: five-stars  

It’s 1946 and an amorous Alan Jay Lerner (with an eye for the girls) and his song writing partner, a pragmatic Fritz Loewe (with an ear for their voices), are searching for a young singer/actress to play the lead part of Fiona in a new show called Brigadoon. As they are about to call it a day and leave the piano and brick-walled back of stage, in walks a hard-working Motherwell lass now employed as a hat-check girl in New York. Heather (Kay McAllister) apologises for being late for her audition and reveals she has a typical Scottish theatrical background. Her father was a knife thrower.

As she is put through her singing/dancing paces, Heather begins to point out the anachronisms and absurdities of the plot to Lerner (Ali Watt) and Loewe (Graham MacKay-Bruce), an unwelcome history lesson for the composers, who imagine Scotland as a ‘western Shangri-La’. That this delightful musical comedy by Tony Cox manages to fully develop three characters in just over 40 minutes, is a testament to the crisp writing of the author and the assured delivery of the performers. There’s even an opportunity for the audience to sing along with the finale. As we are prone to say in Scotland, “Jings, that was braw!”

Reviewer : David G Moffat


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