A Play, A Pie and A Pint
Oran Mor
19-24 June


Stagecraft: 5  Book: 5  Performance: 5


Your wife chokes on a fish bone and dies suddenly leaving you no time to have her properly insured; can there be a worse nightmare for a man living in the west end of Glasgow? What lies ahead without her income to pay the mortgage on the big house, surely not a move to… Dennistoun??? No wonder a distraught, drunken David finds himself in Toni’s fish ‘n’ chip shop in urgent need of some comforting Irn Bru and deep fried potatoes. A fortuitous accident leads to the discovery of an addictive product worthy of Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Soon, encouraged by his daughter Daisy, the merchandise is being pushed to Herald readers and then things start to spiral out of control.


Spuds-1RS.jpgAndy McGregor has written and directed a terrific piece of musical theatre, full of wit and invention with lots of playful G12 references for the Oran Mor audience to enjoy. The principle vocalists (there is also a singing, dancing chorus of nine) are all Class A with Richard Conlon (David) dramatically commanding, Darren Brownlie (Toni) hilariously flexible and Joanne McGuinness (Daisy) showing her versatility  by doing a bit of rapping as would-be gangsta Lucille. Music is provided throughout by Gavin Whitworth on the piano (except when Lucille slaps him off it to lay down some beats). This is a show bursting with funny moments delivered by a dynamic, talented cast. Spuds you’ll like.

Reviewer : David G Moffat


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