ATLANTIC : America & The Great War


Assembly Hall @ Mound
4th – 26th August 3pm

Stagecraft: three-stars.png Book: four-stars.png Performance: four-stars.png

Performing in the heart of Edinburgh, in one of the most iconic buildings to look over Princes Street, was the modern musical masterpiece Atlantic : America and the Great War. Born from a partnership between American Music Theatre Project, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Noisemaker, this was sure to be a production of high quality. Thus, my prediction came true, & I witnessed a new musical which offered up a concoction of singing, theatre and storytelling from a young cast of 15 actors. Atlantic is both voyage of discovery & a tapestry of truths and confused emotions, all of which leads down an unraveling road of unsuspecting situations. The practical stage-props were visually a piece of architectural genius…. a rope, some chairs, a few tables and boxes t0 carry the imagination through the waves and roads of America and Europe.

The central story-point of this moving musical presents us with a lost lady and her now much-worried sister, who embarks on a treacherous journey Telemachus-like to foreign lands ravaged by the battles of WW1. Along the way Annabelle learns as much about herself as she does about the fate of her sister. Travelling on trains, buses and ships she searches endlessly for one glimpse of hope in finding her beloved Jane.

This musical grabs the audiences attention like a total eclipse of the sun. With an American folkish musical score that is synchronised to create a connective purpose between actors and sound, Atlantic gives us a unique look at collective arts. Each actor has their part to play and without fail they preform with ease and grace. This is historical education as much as a musical in performance; rich in ideas it portrays the lives of those young souls lost at sea. Soft in its approach but decisive in its execution, the cast turned out a memorable performance. Bird-sweet voices sing you along a path of righteousness, unlocking the doors of perception, stirring up the deep emotions within us and leaving a very prominent tear in the eye. Sad, encouraging and magical, the true human spirit is alive in this musical. Tickets for this show are sailing away quicker then they can print them so cast your line and grab your seat for a Fringe special. Incredibly enjoyable!

Reviewed by Raymondo


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